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Good bookkeeping and accounting are the foundation of your business.

If you’re like most business owners, you’d rather do almost anything than your bookkeeping and accounting. You know you need to keep your records in an organized, timely and complete fashion to be in compliance with  the law. And if your books aren’t up-to-date, it’s hard to make the right decisions. But you’ve got so many other things to do and not enough time to do it all.

That’s where we come in. We use online accounting apps like Zoho Books and other Zoho Finance apps as part of an accounting platform so you can manage your business anytime, anyplace and from any device. Our team is reliable, accurate and timely, so you always know where you stand in your business.


Why bookkeeping and accounting are important

Keeping your books and accounts up to date in real time has these benefits:

  • Helps you manage your cash flow
  • Saves taxes because all your expenses have been captured
  • Estimate your upcoming tax liability so you’re not surprised
  • See where your business has been and where it is now
  • Helps you make the right decisions for your business
  • Provides the information needed by banks and other lenders
  • Helps avoid problems in case of an audit by the tax authorities
  • Makes it easier when it’s time to sell your business or bring in a partner


If your books and records aren’t organized and complete, a government tax agency might not allow all your deductions. This could mean extra taxes due plus interest and penalties. And there are penalties if you:

  • do not keep adequate records
  • do not provide government tax officials access to your records when they request it
  • do not give information to government tax officials when asked to do so

We have several packages to fit the needs of most businesses. 

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